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Bi Nian 避年 (2018)

Bi Nian 避年 literary means avoiding the New Year. Li Chun 立春, the 1st solar term of the year denotes a new cycle of the Chinese Year. This is done by traveling out of the place you live in for a couple of days and return home after the Li Chun which is believe to have a significant effect of getting rid of ill fortune and have a smoother fortune in the new year.

For the zodiac sign or has significant clash formation in the coming year may observe notable improvement in their luck level.  If you have a clash formation in the coming year, it is best to practice bi nian 避年 as this is believe that one can hang on to the good fortune of the previous or change bad fortune to good. This is known as zhuan yun 转运, in Chinese.

For 2018, the horoscope that clash formation are: 

Dog, Dragon, Ox and Goat.

Specific dates are selected for traveling out of the country. The returning date can be any day after Li Chun, which is 4th February.  

Auspicious Date to travel for zhuan yun 转运 : Zodiac Sign to Avoid using Date:
29th January Rabbit
1st February Horse
2nd February Goat