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Duan Wu Jie 端午节

The lunar 5th day of the lunar 5th month (五月初五) is known as the double 5 day or Dragon boat festival. It is commonly called 端午节 Duan Wu Festival and 夏节 Xia Jie, in Chinese. 

On this day, Dragon boat race is carried out. Delicious rice dumplings filled with meat or beans are sold everywhere. Some household made their own rice dumplings too. Realgar wine 雄黄酒, a Chinese herbal cereal wine, is drunk during this period. 

During this period, one can remove hidden health ailment and negative or stagnant energy from one's body by having a herbal bath. Due to our climate at the equator, the herbal should consist of these 2 items. the woodworm 艾草 (ai cao) and pomegranate leaf 石榴叶 (shi liu ye). A simple boiling of the woodworm leaf along with soaking the pomegranate leaf in water for a nice and relaxing shower can get rid of negative aura to enjoy better health and fortune. 

If it rains on this day, avoid going under the rain as the rain and wind on this day can bring down immune and also cause bad fortune. 

This year, the double 5 falls on 18th June, in the Gregorian calendar.