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God of Poverty 穷神

Everyone would welcome the God of wealth 财神 but no one would desire to have the God of poverty 穷神 residing in your home.

In ancient time, people would make great effort to “chase” away the God of Poverty after the Chinese New Year to ensure good fortune for the lunar year. It is believe that if the God of Poverty resides in your home, the family would suffer great financial losses and have difficulties retaining wealth.

The God of Poverty can be either a male or a female “God”. The male version of God of Poverty was said to be the son of Zhuan Xu - the grandson of the Yellow Emperor. This boy would tear and make burn marks on his clothes even if it is new. The female God of Poverty was known as the lady Poverty who is the wife of Jiang Ziya. She led such a hard life with Zhang Ziya.

Traditionally, the day for getting rid of the God of Poverty is after the Lunar 5th day of the 1st month which is known as 破五. But there are some other days during the 1st lunar month that is more effective to send off the God of Poverty. They can be on 6th, 29th day or the last day of the 1st lunar month.

In this Year of Dog 2018, the date to get rid of the God of Poverty is: 21st February, 正月初六

These are the items required:

1.) Paper Horse

2.) Paper human figuring of a man and a woman

3.) A big bag to contain the rubbish.

4.) Glue or sticky tapes.

On the day, sweep the floor, accumulate the dirt and dust and pack it into a plastic bag. Tie up the bag well. Torn clothes and things beyond repair can also be pack to be thrown out together with the bag of dirt.

Stick a paper horse and the human figuring on the rubbish bag(s). Bring the rubbish out of your main door, out of your building if you are staying high rise, walk a distant and dump it away. Make sure you write these 2 characters: “穷神” on each of the paper human figuring 纸人. So that the God of Poverty would follow these rubbish and leave your home. You can do it at any time of the day.

***For those who are born in the year of Dragon should ask another family with a different zodiac sign to carry out the discard.

May this get rid of your woes and bring you bountiful financial success!