House Moving
Posted on April 04, 2013

Moving into a new house is a very important move.  This can change your luck to a better or worse. Auspicious dates are selected for this specific purpose to bring good fortune that entails peace, wealth and health to the residence.

These are the auspicious dates for moving of home in the year of Snake. Dates will be updated as the year progresses.  The time range is for setting up the fire and entering the house.  The moving can continue after the time range or even the following day.

There is no dates during the Lunar 7th Month.

Please note that these dates are for residential use only.

Dates Updated :

Date Time Avoid date if your sign is:
9 April 11am to 5pm Pig
30 April 9am to 11am Monkey
3 May 7am to 3pm Pig
28 May 1pm to 5pm Rat
10 June 7am to 7pm Ox
17 July 7am to 5pm Tiger
4 Aug 7am to1pm Monkey
12 Sep 9am to 3pm Pig
2 Oct 7am to 1pm Goat
19 Oct 9am to 5pm Rat
15 Nov 11am to 5pm Rabbit
27 Nov 11am to 5pm Rabbit
8 Dec 7am to 11am Tiger
16 Dec 1pm to 5pm Dog
10 Jan 2014 7am to 1pm Pig
14 Jan 2014 7am to 1pm Rabbit
25 Jan 2014 3pm to 5pm Tiger