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Overview of 2014

2014 marks the 11th year of the Lower Period 8 Cycle of the world. 2014, the Year of Horse inks the infancy stage of many things and matters. This denotes starting from a fresh. The Year of Horse is also a year of testing for the beginners. Countries that start rebuilding will encounter countless challenges and difficulties.

The Year of Horse begins on 31 January 2014 and stretches till 18 February in 2015. This makes the year of Horse a double spring year with 2 solar terms, li Chun and a leap 9th month in the year.

The Year of Horse has the year and the month pillar forming a harmonized combination, so as the day and the month pillar. Such cordial affiliation denotes forming of allies among countries and a closer bond among the associated countries.

In 2014, China will enjoy an outstanding economy growth. The world economy is still be led by China. Australia, New Zealand and Africa are the next in the list on economy performance. Some countries in South East Asia like Philippine, India, Indonesia, Cambodia and Vietnam will gain progress in their economy too. Singapore will continue to make progress but likely meager.

Telecommunication, fuel, energy and electronic industries will perform the best. The paper, construction and education industries will follow next. Whereas, the banking, financial, aviation, travel and trades associated to water will face many hindrance in this Year of Horse.

Many western countries will suffer from international legal conflicts. Canada will face threat from both internal struggle and external legal conflict. In particular to America, there will be loads of legal issues. Many cases are associated to monetary issues.

China will not only enjoy the outstanding growth, China will have breakthrough in space and military technology. However, there might be high ranking officials stepping down.

There are countries experience public disorder and security issues in China, Australia and New Zealand. Situation in Hong Kong and Guang Dong will worsen.

Japan has a continuing dangerous contamination issues. More insight may surface in 2014.

The elements in pillars of the Year of Horse hints catastrophe caused by water and devastating earthquake. There will be more thunderstorms and flooding. Taiwan, Japan, Russia, North Western of China and the Pacific Coast may encounter natural disaster. The weather will be extreme.

May the Year of Horse be a blossoming and peaceful period for all!