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Overview of 2015

The Goat in 2015 is known as Yi Wei 乙未. Yi 乙is the heavenly stem of the year which means Yin Wood and Wei 未 is the earthly branch which symbolize Yin Earth. Wei 未 refers to Goat. Thence, 2015 is the Year of Yin Wood Goat. The next Yi Wei 乙未 will occur in the Year 2075, 60 years later.

The earthly branch, Wei 未 also signify the time range of 13:00 to 14:59 Hour. In Feng Shui, Wei 未 is a region within the Southwest direction, gauging between 202.6 to 217.5 degree. The Goat is a symbol of storage of wood. Earth and wood are 2 strongest elements in 2015. The favorable zodiac sign in the Year of Goat are Rabbit, Horse and Pig. The unfavorable sign are Ox, Dog, Rat and Dragon.

The Year of Goat 2015 is a year of fluctuation and transformation. This year requires patient, especially with new commencement or new projects. Wrong timing will means failure or painful ending.

The Goat year brings plentiful of rain and flood, especially in the Southeast Asia. The clashes in the earth element, in the year’s pillar of destiny, will lead to devastating earth movement like landslide, avalanche and even collapse of building. There is a lot of volcano and earthquake activities worldwide. There will be many accident cause by mode of transport.

Countries would go through instabilities in both politically ad economically. The USA will encounter both man made and natural disaster in the year of Goat. The US will be forced into many trouble areas in the world and be involved in many international troubles. The United Kingdom would suffer from both external and internal socially and political issues.

China will continue to have internal securities issues. China will discover new natural resources. Their anti-corruption action will be effective and 2015 would marks the last phrase of actions. In Hong Kong, there is continuing uproar among the people. Taiwan would once again encounter choas due to its politics issues. Japan’s economy will continue to be unstable. Japan will make effort to ease tensions with many countries especially with China. Japan will encounter a lot of issues with the water and food safety issues. Russia will continue to be a threats to its neighboring countries.

Russia, Denmark and Canada will prosper economically, followed by Korea.

Oil and gas demand will increase and will remain high. The stock market would continue to be volatile.

Industries that belongs to the water and wood element will not perform well this year. While, industries that are in the Fire, Earth and Metal elements will make encouraging progress. These industries are communication, real estate, hi-tech electronics, home securities, new building material, food & beverage, automobiles, event and adverting, banks and financial institute. Business nature that involves in debates, ideas and philosophy will excel, such as law firms and bloggers. New invented materials will bring innovation to the transportation industries.

The Water & Wood industries performance will be disappointing in this year of Goat. The unfavorable industry includes water dependent business, fishing, travel, clothing, import & export. Educational businesses will be more competitive than before. The travel industries will be affected by international policies.

The health issues in this year of Goat are related to liver, bone, kidney and immune system. There will be new source of viruses, affecting mainly the Southeast Asia, Mexico and many parts of America. The unbalanced earth element, especially during the 9th and 11th month will give rise to cancer. South America and Africa will suffer from both illnesses and social violence. There will be many new discoveries on drugs. There will also be many legal issues related to medical.

Politically, the Year of Goat is a period of corrections and adjustments.

In property, China property market will slow down. Real estate in US will improve. Hong Kong may suffer major correction. In Singapore, property prices will meet resistance to decline and ultimately prices will continue to dip.

May you sail with the right wave and May the Year of Goat bring peace and progress to everyone!