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Overview of 2016

The Year of Monkey in 2016 has “丙”- Bing, Yang Fire as its heavenly stem and “申” – Shen, Yang Metal on the earthly branch. Hence, the Year of Monkey in 2016 is called 丙申, also known as the Fire Monkey.

The Fire Monkey will commence on 4th February and ends on 3rd February 2017. However, the Lunar year of Bing Shen will only begin a few days later, which is on 8th February 2016 but ends on 27th January 2017. As the entire Year of Monkey does not have any occurrence of Li Chun, the Year of the Fire Monkey in 2016 is labeled as a blind year. As the name suggest, the year brings bad omen, not ideal for wedding ceremony and affecting economy and bearing disaster. The unfavorable months for the Year are 1st month, 4th month, 6th, 7th and the 11th month.

The earthly branch of Shen 申 signify the time range of between 3pm to 5pm. It sits on the compass degree range from 232.5 ° to 247.5° of Southwest.

The Monkey is best combination sign is with the Snake sign, followed by the Rat and the Dragon. The Monkey in 2016 will have conflict with the Tiger, Monkey and the Pig sign.

The Year of Monkey 2016 will plague the world with thunderstorm and earthquake. Sichuan, Yunnan, Japan, North Korea, Canada and along the Indian Ocean are in the assembly dangerous geographical position. Active earth plate movements will concentrate in Middle East, central part of China, and South-West of USA, India and many parts of Indonesia. Active volcanoes are in the South-West of Japan and around some South Pacific Island.

China will not only suffer from natural disaster but also man made causes. Middle east is under continuous threat from terrorist. There is social unrest in Indonesia, Malaysia and some parts of Thailand.

The overwhelming Yang Fire on the heavenly stem of the year would bring tragic explosion and trouble cause by water and flood. But there is still some drought.

There will be more people traveling this year. Popular tourist area near us are India, Hong Kong and Guangzhou. Traffic accident and injuries will have significant increase. Everyone should be caution when driving.

In this Year of Fire Monkey, both economy and political remains unpredictable and changeable. The economy will decline and make major correction. But the aftermath is favorable. Gold and silver will continue to remain weak. Oil and gas price will remain low. Whereas solar and alternative energy will rise in demand.

Some parts of China will show significant improvement in its economy performance. One of its leading city is Shanghai. The United State will have obvious growth in it’s economy. Spain, Saudi Arabia, Portugal and Tibet is favored by wealth luck this year. Europe countries economy will show improvement.

India’s economy may look well for now. However, its performance will not sustain for long. Russia’s economy will slow down. The Russians will be militarily active. Canada economy is halting too. South Korea will take a down turn as it’s hi-tech and smart phone market loses its profitability.

The stock market will continue to be volatile. However, banks will continue to perform well. This year favors water, metal and earth elements. The real estate business will improve but unstable. Properties in Indonesia will do well. The pharmaceutical and medicine industries will have outstanding performance. Businesses related to funeral and burial service will have better development. The travel industry will accomplish better revenue compared to last year.

The unfavorable industries are in the fire and wood elements. The education and technology industries are on the decline in both revenue and quality. Food and beverage industry will suffer from fierce competition and heavy operation cost. Fashion and entertainment industry will lose its profitability.

There are many health issues in the Year of Monkey that are related to the food source. Avoid raw food and unknown certain supply is best to safe guard from predicament. There is a rise on ailment related to bones, respiratory system and mouth. There is also an increase of critical illness in children.