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12 Months

This is a tabulation of the 1st day of the month based on solar term for 2020. Solar term is known as Jie Qi 节 气. The solar term is based on the sun position in the zodiac. There are 24 solar terms in a year. Hence, each month has 2 solar terms indicating climate, natural phenomena, agricultural production, and other aspects of human life, including clothing, food, housing, and transportation. The month differs from the Gregorian calendar. More details will be share in later month.

Month 1st Day of the Month
1st 4th February 2020
2nd 5th March 2020
3rd 4th April 2020
4th 5th May 2020
5th 5th June 2020
6th 7th July 2020
7th 7th August 2020
8th 7th September 2020
9th 8th October 2020
10th 7th November 2020
11th 7th December 2020
12th 5th January 2021