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Amnesty Days

Based on the almanac, there are amnesty day. Amnesty day is also known as 上天赦放凡人过错之日.  On the amnesty day, sins and wrong doings are granted mercy and pardoned. Seeking for forgiveness and prayers for blessings are believed to be most effective on such a day.

Everyone makes mistakes. Sometimes one will commit a mistake knowingly or unknowingly that it is not just. There are karmic effects in our doings, be it good or bad karmic. Bad karma can ensue bad health, poor luck, injuries and sometimes the retribution befall on the next generation.

If one is involve in lawsuit, use this dates for trail may have a lenient sentence or given a second chance to repent.

Believe it or not, it’s worth a try. If you have a serious health condition or seeking for blessings or forgiveness or any other issues that you want an amnesty from heaven, seek for blessing on one of the amnesty date.

Each year there is about 4 to 7 amnesty dates. In the Year of Tiger 2022, the amnesty dates are as below: 

 Date  Best Timing  Zodiac to Avoid
 26 March 2022  7am to 2pm  Monkey
 10 June 2022  7am to 10am or 5pm to 9pm  Rat
 23 August 2022  7am to 2pm  Tiger
 22 October 2022  9am to 2pm  Tiger
 7 November 2022  1pm to 2pm or 5pm to 9pm  Horse
 6 January 2023  7am to 10am or 5pm to 9pm  Horse