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Auspicious Date for Reopening of Business 开工吉日

The Chinese pick an auspicious date and time after the Chinese New Year celebration to commence business or work. This is known as "Kai Gong Da Ji" - 开工大吉 as it is believed beginning on an auspicious day and time will bring prosperity and smooth progress and good fortune for the year ahead.

On the 1st day of work, bring along with you some candies, fruits and/or food that are sweet (avoid spicy or sour), cakes or cookies to share with colleagues to symbolize harmony and joyous relationship for the year.

Many bosses would distribute red packet (containing some money), also known as ang bao, to staffs on the first day of commencement of business as a gratitude and encourage better performance in the New Year.

Lighting up the office especially the signage area, laughter and gathering of staffs in the office will boost the "yang" energy which will lead to better work performance, good relationship and more business. 

The auspicious dates and time range for commencement of business for the Year of Rabbit in 2023 are as follows:

 Date  Time Range to Open Door  Zodiac to Avoid

27 January


1am to 4:59am or

7am to 8:59am or

5pm to 6:59pm


29  January


11am to 12:59pm or

5pm to 10:59pm


1 February


1am to 12:59pm or

5pm to 6:59pm


2 February


3am to 6:59am or

9am to 12:59pm


5 February


7am to 10:59am or

1pm to 2:59pm