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Broken day

In the Chinese almanac called 通勝, certain days are labeled as Broken Days or 破日. These days are considered to be inauspicious or bad, classified as 凶日 or evil days, and are associated with failure, mishaps, and pitfalls. The imbalanced energy of these days can potentially cause feelings of grievance, resentment, and even dissension. Typically, there are 2 to 3 Broken Days per month. Despite their negative connotations, these days can be used for other purposes.

The Broken Days pose a higher level of risk compared to Broken Months. It's best to avoid carrying out important matters or celebrations, such as marital or opening ceremonies, on a Broken Day.

Here, we will be sharing the Broken dates monthly.

There are the 2 "Broken Days" in the month of July 2024.  

Broken Dates:
12 July
24 July