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Clear the Clutter, Clear the Worries

Spring cleaning and decluttering is important and essential. Messiness causes stress. Junks emit negative energy. AN organized and tidy space brings clear thoughts and smooth flowing energy. This in return brings positive thoughts, new ideas, new opportunity and better productivity.

Besides the Spring cleaning before the Lunar New Year, there is another important period for decluttering and cleaning. That is the time before the Summer Solstice. This year, the Summer Solstice falls on 21st June 2020. 

Here are some points you may want to include on your planning before you start decluttering:
Donate or throw away clothing that you can't or don't want to wear anymore.

  • Repair items that are broken or spoilt.
  • Discard appliances, gadgets and tools that are beyond repair.
  • Throw or give away items that are excessive. For example: paper bags, plastic containers, carton boxes.
  • Manage your papers. Throw away irrelevant letters and receipts. Save the documents in soft copy and discard physical copies. 
  • Check on storage of dried and canned food. Discard expired and moldy food.
  • Organize items in boxes or folders. Avoid paper boxes as you can't wipe them. 
  • No items under the bed and dining table. 
  • Clear room by room or allocate a space at a time. For example: bathroom, storeroom, study desk, kitchen and etc.

Unlike Spring cleaning in prep of LNY, you can clean up at your own pace and start with any sector of the house you prefer. 

Dates are chosen based on the Chinese Almanac for decluttering and spring cleaning to ensure effectiveness of clearing the dead and negative energy. Check on the dates below, observe the time range to ensure you commence during the time frame. You may continue clearing and cleaning after time range and the following days once you have started. Another important factor to note is to not start on the day that the zodiac clashes with any family members residing in the same household. This is indicated at the last column on the right.  

Date Time Range Zodiac to Avoid
3rd May 7am to 11am Rat
5th May 1pm to 5pm Tiger
15th May 1pm to 7pm Rat
17th May 7am to 11am Tiger
18th May 7am to 11am Rabbit
27th May 1pm to 7pm Rat
29th May 7am to 11am Tiger
8th June 7am to 11am Rat
9th June 3pm to 7pm Ox
11th June 3pm to 7pm Rabbit
14th June 7am to 11am Horse

May you clear your worries as you declutter your space.