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Spring cleaning and decluttering are not only important but also essential for maintaining a well-organized and harmonious living space. The accumulation of messiness and clutter can lead to increased stress levels and a sense of disarray. Additionally, cluttered environments tend to emit negative energy and destruct energy flow which can further contribute to a sense of imbalance in one's life.

On the contrary, an organized and tidy space promotes clear thinking and facilitates the flow of positive energy. By creating an environment free from unnecessary distractions and clutter, you open up space for new ideas, opportunities, and improved productivity.
While most people associate spring cleaning with the period leading up to the Lunar New Year, it is worth noting that there is another crucial time for decluttering and cleaning — around the period of Summer Solstice. This year, the Summer Solstice falls on 21st June 2023.

To effectively plan your decluttering efforts, here are some key points to consider:
1. Donate or discard clothing that you no longer wear or desire.
2. Repair any broken or damaged items that can still be salvaged.
3. Dispose of appliances, gadgets, and tools that are beyond repair.
4. Eliminate excessive items such as paper bags, plastic containers, and carton boxes.
5. Manage your papers by discarding irrelevant letters and receipts. Save important documents in digital format and dispose of physical copies.
6. Review the storage of dried and canned food, discarding any expired or moldy items.
7. Organize your belongings in boxes or folders, avoiding paper boxes that cannot be easily cleaned.
8. Avoid storing items under the bed or dining table to maintain an uncluttered space.
9. Clear each room individually or allocate specific timeframes for each area, such as the bathroom, storeroom, study desk, kitchen, and so on.
10. Unlike the time-sensitive nature of spring cleaning before the Lunar New Year, you can approach summer decluttering at your own pace and begin with any area of the house you prefer.

When choosing specific dates for decluttering or spring cleaning, it is advisable to refer to the Chinese Almanac. This will help ensure the effectiveness of clearing away negative and stagnant energy. Observe the recommended time ranges for each activity to maximize the benefits. It is important to note that you may continue clearing and cleaning beyond the designated time range and on subsequent days once you have commenced the process. Lastly, pay attention to the zodiac clashes indicated in the last column of the table. Avoid starting your cleaning on a day when the zodiac sign clashes with any family members residing in the same household. And don't forget to wipe down with pomelo leaf and lime. To avoid falling ill after decluttering, one can bath with pomelo leaves too.  

 Date  Time Range to Start  Zodiac to Avoid
 13 June  9am to 1pm  Monkey
 18 June  7am to 3pm  Ox
 23 June  7am to 11am  Horse
 24 June  7am to 11am  Goat

By following these guidelines and incorporating decluttering and cleaning into your routine, you can create a serene and harmonious living space that promotes positively, enhanced clarity, and renewed energy.