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Double Ninth Festival

Chong Yang Festival 重阳节 is known as the double ninth festival as it occurs on the 9th day of the 9th lunar month 九月初九 every year.  "Chong 重" means to repeat. Thus, Chong Yang refers to a repetition of the number 9.  And according to the I-Ching, the number 9 is the most yang number. The appearance of double 9 symbolizes excessive yang, causing an imbalance in the Yin & Yang. As such, this date and the day after is a potentially dangerous day.  

The traditional practice is to place chrysanthemum flower or dogwood (zhuyu) in the house to ward off negative energy and prevent misfortune. Consuming chrysanthemum tea or wine is commonly practice as it is said to be able to ward off bad health and ill fortune for this period.  Eating chestnut, sesame rice cake, mutton or crab is believe to bring good fortune in the months to come. The rain and dew on this day is deem auspicious. 

It is customary to go for mountain climbing as it symbolizes advancing in career to the highest level – 9.  For those who seek for promotion and higher status, could do on this day.

This year, Chong Yang festival 重阳节 falls on 4th October 2022, Tuesday.