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Jing Zhe

Jing Zhe, the third solar term of the year in the Chinese calendar, signifies the awakening from hibernation. It's a longstanding tradition for people to worship the White Tiger God on this occasion to ensure safety and deter backstabbers and troublemakers for the year ahead.

Occurring around the 5th or 6th of March, Jing Zhe falls on 5th of March 2024, at 22:44 this year, the Year of the Dragon.

Legend has it that with the arrival of Jing Zhe, a loud clap of thunder rouses insects and animals from hibernation, potentially leading to crop damage and danger from hungry tigers. Thus, people offer prayers and sacrifices to the Tiger God for protection and a bountiful harvest.

Today, individuals seeking to ward off backstabbers and troublemakers visit temples, offering symbolic gifts such as pork, green beans, sesame seeds, duck eggs, joss sticks, and incense paper adorned with images of the Guardian of Nobility.

The act of stuffing raw pork into the Tiger statuette signifies nourishment, while throwing green beans and sesame seeds into its mouth or on the ground symbolizes dispelling troubles caused by troublemakers. Duck eggs are displayed near the statuette, followed by the burning of joss sticks and incense paper to invoke mentor luck and deter backstabbers.

For those facing challenges with backstabbers or legal issues, participating in this tradition may offer solace and protection.