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Lion Dance

The Lion Dance, deeply rooted in Chinese culture for millennia, graces various occasions, from festive celebrations and greetings to housewarmings, opening ceremonies, and even the final day of funeral wakes. As a revered performance, it is believed to usher in blessings, honor, prosperity, and good fortune.

The Chinese Lion, distinct from its real-life counterpart, symbolizes protection, authority, wisdom, and good fortune. Sculptures of lions adorn the facades of temples, houses, and buildings, serving as guardians for these auspicious purposes.

Accompanied by a musical ensemble featuring a large drum, gong, and cymbals, the Lion Dance's rhythm mirrors the mood and movements of the lion. The resounding music aims to dispel evil spirits and attract good fortune.

During certain celebrations, there may be 1 or 2 mascots donning Buddha attire, complete with large head masks and cheerful faces, playfully teasing the lion.

The pinnacle of the Lion Dance, termed "Choi Cheng" or "Picking the Green," involves hanging lettuce and red packets containing money above the doorway. The lion executes daring stunts to reach and "chew" the "green," symbolizing the dispersal of wealth from all directions and a year brimming with good fortune.

Lunar New Year performances incorporate mandarin oranges, chilli pairs, sugar cane sticks, and other fruits with auspicious meanings. The lion skilfully "peels" oranges, assembling the peels into symbolic patterns, while coconuts, live crabs, and fish may also play a role, each symbolizing auspicious or lucky elements.

Carefully selecting auspicious dates, Lion Dance performances are scheduled to usher in positive omens. For the Year of the Dragon in 2024, here are the auspicious dates for hosting a Lion Dance performance in your home or office.

 Performance Date
 Lunar Date
 Zodiac to Avoid
 12 February  3rd Day  Rat  9am to 3pm or 5pm to 7pm
 13 February  4th Day  Ox  9am to 3pm
 15 February  6th Day  Rabbit  9am to 3pm or 5pm to 7pm
 17 February  8th Day  Snake  11am to 3pm
 18 February  9th Day  Horse  9am to 11am or 1pm to 3pm
 24 February  15th Day  Rat  9am to 3pm or5pm to 7pm