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Lion Dance 2020

The Lion Dance has been popularly exists in the Chinese culture for thousands of years. It is performed on many occasions such as the festive celebrations, extending greeting, house warming, opening ceremony and even on the last day of the funeral wake. The Lion Dance performance is believed to bring blessings, honor, prosperity and good luck.

The Chinese Lion, which are far different from the real ones, is a symbol of protection, authority, wisdom, and good fortune. You can find sculpture of lions place in the frontage of temples, houses and buildings for these purposes.

The Lion Dance is normally performed together with musical ensemble consisting of a large drum, a gong and sets of cymbals. The rhythm is an expression of the mood and movement of the Lion. The loud music is meant to dispel evil spirit to bring good fortune.

In some celebration performance, you may also find 1 or 2 mascot dressed as wearing Buddha with a large head mask and smiley face teasing the Lion.

The highlight of the Lion Dance is known as “Choi Cheng” or “Picking the Green” (direct translate from Chinese). This is done by hanging the lettuce and red packet containing money above the door of the premise. The Lion will perform stunt to reach the “green” and “chew” it. After which, the Lion will split out the leaves which signify abundance wealth from all directions and good fortune in year to come.

Mandarin oranges, a pair of chilli, sticks of sugar cane and other fruits with auspicious meanings are included in the performance during the Lunar New Year. The Lion will “peel” the oranges and use the pedal of the fruits to assemble into patterns as a symbol of blessing or auspicious Chinese character. Coconuts, live crabs and even fish are sometimes used for the performance. Each is supposed to symbolize something auspicious or lucky.

Auspicious dates are chosen for Lion Dance performance to usher a good omen. 

For the Year of Rat 2020, these are the auspicious dates for having the Lion Dance performance in your home or office. 

Timing is meant for commencement of ceremony. Celebration can continue after time range. 

Performance Date
Lunar Days
Zodiac to Avoid
28th Jan 4th Day 3pm to 7pm Rat
30th Jan 6th Day 11am to 1pm or 5pm to 7pm Tiger
31st Jan 7th Day 3pm to 7pm Rabbit
2nd Feb 9th Day 3pm to 7pm Snake
5th Feb 12th Day 9am to 11am or 1pm to 3pm Monkey
6th Feb 13th Day 9am to 11am or 1pm to 3pm Rooster