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Mid Autumn Festival 2020

The Mid-Autumn Festival 中秋节 falls on 1st October this year. It is also the for the lunar 15th day of the 8th month.

On this day, the moon is the most rounded in the entire year. And that is why this festival is always referred to unity and reunion.

Family members gather to enjoy moon cakes, pomelo and chat over warm fragment tea. Children are thrilled with lighted lanterns. The traditional lanterns are lighted with candles. But there are many lanterns that are battery operated now.

Besides the fun and gathering, the mid-autumn festival is a time to seek blessing for romance luck and having descendants

The elders or parents will prepare red lanterns for couple to hang outside the room door to seek for abundance descendant. The lantern must be round or regular shape. Its normally in red or orange colors. Try that if you are prepared to start a family.

In ancient days, single men and women would go to the temple to seek blessing from the God of Marriage known as 月 yue 老 lao at mid night to meet the right marriage mate and a fulfilling marriage. This year, prayers to Yue Lao is on 1st October 2020, 9am to 11am or 3pm to 11pm.

In their pocket, hides 2 coins chained together with a red thread to symbolized togetherness. If you need extra luck in finding the right marriage partner you may want to try this out. It is known as 求姻缘 (qiu yin yuan).

Wishing you and your loved ones joyous reunion!

月圆人团圆 !