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Minor Renovation Dates (December)

Minor renovation or repair refers to nailing, drilling and simple plastering or patching. These activities requires a suitable to do so as it disturbs the "earth" energy.

Dates are updated for your reference for these purpose. However, the family should still avoid these activities or consult for more details if a family member is pregnant or the house is in the "offending" orientation or sector for the year. 

*** December and January is the best time of the year for these activities. 

Here are the list of dates for your reference:

If your zodiac sign appear at the last column, avoid using this date.       

 Dates  Time Range to Start  Zodiac to Avoid
 6 Dec  3pm to 5pm  Horse
 8 Dec  7am to 11am  Monkey
 11 Dec  7am to 11am  Pig
 16 Dec  3pm to 5pm  Dragon
 18 Dec  3pm to 5pm  Horse
 28 Dec  3pm to 5pm  Dragon
 31 Dec  3pm to 5pm  Goat