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Minor Renovation & Repair

Embarking on minor renovations or repairs involving tasks like nailing, drilling, and simple plastering or patching demands careful timing. These activities possess the potential to disrupt the subtle "earth" energy of your surroundings, potentially impacting the overall harmony of your home or office, particularly during sensitive or conflicting astrological periods.

To aid you in scheduling to circumvent disturbing negative energies, we've meticulously curated a list of favorable dates for such endeavors. However, exercising caution remains paramount, especially if a family member is pregnant, critically ill, or if your residence aligns with an "offending" orientation or sector for the year. In such cases, it's advisable to either refrain from these activities or seek expert guidance.

Review the provided date list and take note if your zodiac sign appears in the last column – a signal to avoid undertaking these activities on that specific date. By integrating these mindful considerations, your renovations will not only enhance your space but also cultivate a positive energy flow throughout your environment.


 Date  Commencement Time  Zodiac to Avoid
 8 April  9am to before 3pm  Monkey
 18 April  7am to before 11am  Horse 
 20 April  7am to before 11am  Monkey
 23 April  9am to before 7pm  Pig
 2 May  9am to before 3pm  Monkey
 6 May  9am to before 5pm  Rat