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Preparing for Lunar New Year

The Lunar New Year (LNY) is the most widely celebrated Chinese festive. Great effort is made to prepare for the celebration of the LNY in seek for an auspicious omen to commence the coming lunar year.

There are some important things and activities carry out to usher the new LNY:

1. Spring cleaning

Clean up the entire house. Throw out all the unwanted and things that are beyond repair. This will allow new qi to fill your home. Please check dates and procedure for spring cleaning which is already posted. 

2. Hair Cut

Go for a hair cut before the Lunar New Year as there should not be any cutting during the 15 day of the Lunar 1st month. There is a believe that you will cut away your good fortune.

3. Decorate your Home.

Display lots of red as the Chinese believe the color red can remove any woes. Red paper cutting and scrolls with auspicious wishes and meanings are hung up in hope to attain them in the coming year. Pussy willow symbolizes the ability to acquire wealth and asset in the coming year. When a Cherry blossom blooms it symbolizes good fortune for the entire year. Some families hang up Chinese leek to symbolize endless counting of notes and some hang up spring onions in hope their children will be clever in the coming year. Don't forget to remove your decoration after the 15th day of the 1st month as not all premise suits too much red.

4. Abundance Food

Keep a pair of frozen fish in the fridge to symbolize abundance of remainder in your bank account in the coming year. Candies and cookies like the pineapple tarts are displayed and given to friends and relatives to wish them a prosperous year ahead. The brown Chinese Cake known as 年糕 is a must to have to symbolize elevation of position or status every year.

5. Fill up Your Rice

Filled the rice container to the brim and don’t forget to hide a red packet (ang bao 红包) filled with some money to symbolize abundance food and stable income. You can do so on 3rd February - eve of Li Chun or 15th February  - eve of Lunar New Year.

6. Good Omen

Hang up Chinese leeks to symbolize accumulation of wealth in your account. Niao Gao is a sweet brown cake that symbolizes elevation of status and good academic achievement. Niao Gao can be placed anywhere on the dining table, living room or kitchen.  Mandarin Oranges are displayed to symbolize good luck. 

 7. Ang Bao

If you have children, Give Ang Bao 红包 (with money inside) to your children on the eve of LNY. Place the Ang Bao under the pillow of your children. This symbolizes smooth growing process for the coming year. 

8. Light Up

Light up your home on the eve of LNY to invite new qi into your home. Leave the lights on till the 2nd day of LNY. The 2nd Lunar day of the year is known as Kai Nian 开年. This means, the year has started.

9. Fill Your Cash

Make sure your wallet is not empty. Fill your wallet with different denomination.