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Qing Ming 2023

Qing Ming festival 清明节 means Clear Bright festival. Qing Ming Festival is also known as Outing Day 踏青节 due its weather. Qing Ming marks the 5th solar term. This day occurs when the sun is exactly at the celestial longitude of 15°. This solar term normally happens on 4 to 5 April or 104th day after winter solstice. It is a traditional Chinese festival popular known as the tomb sweeping ceremony and outing day. This Year, Qing Ming falls on 5th April 2023, 09:13 Hour. 

On and around Qing Ming, the weather is breezy and the sky is clear. It is a time for outdoor activities. It is believe that the sunlight during this festival will ward off old and stagnant energy from a person and allow recharging of vital energy. The Chinese not only use this day to be out under the sun, it is also the period to clean up or repair the tomb of ancestors and pay respect. Food, tea, wine, joss sticks, joss paper and libations are offered to ancestors as a gesture of filial piety and respect. However, not all are suitable to carry out the tomb sweeping or even visit the graveyard.

Who should Not Go for Tomb Sweeping?

1. People who are ill or in bad health.

2. Women who are pregnant should not visit the tomb site.

3. Your zodiac sign clashes with the day of event, choose another day to visit the tomb site.

Tomb sweeping should ideally be done before sunset. After tomb sweeping, it is important to cleanse yourself by sweeping your hands or body with the pomegranate leaf immediately after leaving the tomb site.

These are some auspicious date to prayers to ancestors to seek for protection and blessings: 

 Date  Zodiac Sign to Avoid
 30 March  Snake
 1 April  Goat
 3 April  Rooster
 6 April  Rat
 8 April  Tiger
 9 April  Rabbit
 12 April  Horse
 13 April   Goat
 15 April  Rooster
 19 April  Ox