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Spring Cleaning 2023

The period before the Lunar New Year 农历新年 is the best period for spring cleaning. Spring cleaning is meant to remove the old, spoilt, unwanted items and stagnant energy. By doing so new energy and hope can enter your living space and even work premise.

The Chinese practices spring cleaning before the Lunar New Year to de-clutter the space and clearing negative energy accumulated through the entire year so that the new and auspicious “qi” can then fill your home or office during the change of energy to the New Year.

Base on the Chinese tradition, some procedures should be observed such as getting a new broom, duster, pails and cloths for the spring cleaning. Pomelo leaves are are used to tie on new broom and duster to sweep and cleanse the entire house. You can also soak some pomelo leaves and flowers to clean or wipe the affected area in the home or office

The cleaning should begin from the main entrance and work inwards to the premise if you have enjoyed a favorable year in 2022. Otherwise you should sweep and wipe from the most inner part of the premise and out of the main entrance to clear all energy that has been build up in the premise and make room for the new auspicious “qi” to fill your space.

If you have recently move into the premise, do not spring clean during this period.

The Dates stated below are selected based on the Chinese Almanac which is meant for this activity of “ cleansing & removing the old and welcoming the new - '辞旧迎新' ". Chose a date that does not clash with any family members residing in the household. For companies, you may want to segregate the dates for spring cleaning for staff with the clash sign for the chosen date(s). 

The commence time range is meant to execute/ start the cleaning. The cleaning process can continue after time range. The cleaning can also be carried out in multiply days.  Avoid using the date if zodiac sign of family appears on the last column.     

 Date  Commencement Time  Zodiac to Avoid
 9 December  5pm to 7pm  Tiger
 14 December  7am to 10am  Goat
 21 December  7am to 10am  Tiger
 26 December  5pm to 8pm  Goat
 3 January 2023  7am to 10am  Rabbit
 8 January 2023  5pm to 9pm  Monkey
 14 January 2023  7am to 11am  Tiger
 15 January 2023  7am to 11am  Rabbit
 20 January 2023  7am to 11am  Monkey