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The Lunar 7th Month

Lunar 7th Month (with Dates) 

During the Lunar 7th month, many families worship to their ancestors as a gesture of filial piety and also make offerings to the wandering spirit who is homeless and hungry. Some would even hold a private banquet for this occasions. 

This year, the Lunar 7th month commences on 19th August 2020 and will last till 16th September 2020. The Lunar 7th month occurs later due to the leap Lunar 4th month.

In the ritual, items and food displayed for offerings are always in odd numbers like 1 roasted piglet, 3 steamed chicken, 5 hard boiled eggs and etc. Fruits, beverage, biscuits, rice, meat are seen on the offerings. After the ritual, the offered wine or tea will be poured and sprinkle in the circle of rice and paper money will be burned. Many would pray to seek for protection and good fortune. When wishes are fulfilled, the items offered in the following year will be added. 

These are the dates auspicious for performing the ritual.

(Avoid using the date if you are born in the year of the zodiac stated on the right column.)

Date Avoid Zodiac
19th August Rat
21st August Tiger
22nd August Rabbit
25th August Horse
28th August Rooster
31st August Rat
2nd September Tiger
3rd September Rabbit
6th September Horse
7th September Goat
11th September Pig
13th September Ox
16th September Dragon