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Travel for Better Luck

Avoiding the New Year, known as Bi Nian 避年 in Chinese, holds a unique significance in ushering in the fresh cycle of the Chinese Year. The commencement of this renewal is marked by Li Chun 立春, the first solar term of the year. To embrace this symbolic new beginning, one is to engage in a practice of temporarily relocating from their habitual abode for a few days, returning home after the occurrence of Li Chun or Chinese New Year. This tradition is rooted in the belief that such a journey can effectively dispel ill fortune, paving the way for a more prosperous and harmonious year.

For those whose zodiac signs or astrological configurations are poised for potential clashes in the upcoming year - 2024, partaking in this ritual may yield noteworthy improvements in their luck. The process of Bi Nian is perceived as a means to grasp onto the positive energies of the previous year or to transform unfavorable circumstances into favorable ones, a concept referred to as Zhuan Yun 转运 in Chinese. Specifically, if you are born under the zodiac signs of Dragon, Dog, Ox and Rabbit are encouraged to embrace this practice for enhanced well-being.

The selection of specific dates for embarking on this journey is a meticulous process. It is advised to travel out of the country on auspicious dates to Bi Nian for Zhuan Yun, with the return date falling anytime after Li Chun, typically after the 4th of February or after the 2nd day of the Lunar New Year. This strategic timing is believed to maximize the potential for positive outcomes and facilitate Zhuan Yun effect, ensuring a smoother and more auspicious trajectory for the forthcoming year.

These are the auspicious dates for traveling:

 Date to Travel Out  Zodiac to Avoid
 31 January  Rat
 2 February  Tiger
 6 February  Horse
 9 February  Rooster