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This is the year of your zodiac sign. This also indicate a direct clash on the earthly branch with the year. You are pessimistic and temperamental. Those born in 1972 and 1984 will feel the greatest impact. Reflect on your thoughts and mood is important to eliminate unnecessary stress. Be rational when making decisions is critical. Avoid risk and be consistent is the key to avoid failure and losses.

Traveling is good for you. You will meet better opportunity and mentor when your travel. Regular income is stable. Avoid speculation. You will have to work hard to achieve your objectives. Marriage is stable, But for the singles, you may encounter difficulties in romance relationships.

Be cautious of personal safety as there are incident that would cause you bleeding and injuries. Watch your health, especially if you have chronic ailment. The Rats are prone to digestive, teeth & gum issues, especially those born in 1960.

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