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The Goat sign is a conflicting sign this year, which forms a direct clash formation known as 冲 chong. This denotes changes and uncertainty. It could be a change of job, environment and even relationship. The outcome does not mean negative. Sometimes, making changes is for the better. But having said that, staying in familiar ground and avoiding risk could prevent mishap.  

There are many obstacles at work. Be cautious of details and be consistent with your work to ensure smooth performance.  

The Goats should also caution against change in relationship. Be tolerant and be tactful with your comments to avoid conflict. Frequent communication with loved ones can straighten up misunderstandings and improve relationships.  

Chronic health ailment may relapse, especially for those born in 1931 and 1979 with heart condition and arteries issue. Immune system is weak. Watch diet, avoid raw or uncooked food.


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