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Overview of 2017

The Rooster sign is the 10th position in the 12 Chinese zodiac sign system. The Rooster sign is known for hardworking, honesty and straightforwardness. The Rooster sign is divided into 5 element sign, namely the Metal, Wood, Water, Fire and Earth. And further classified into yin or yang for each element. 2017 is the Year of Yin Fire Rooster which is known as 丁酉年. The year also has another name called – 山下火丁酉, literary means Fire under the Mountain.

The Year of Rooster will commence on the 28th January 2017, on the Lunar calendar 农历, and Li Chun 立春 will occur on 3rd February 2017 and again on 4th February 2018. Hence, the Year of Rooster in 2017 will meet 2 solar terms which is deemed to be auspicious, especially for wedding ceremony and child birth. The Rooster year will end on the 15th February 2018, in accordance to the Lunar calendar 农历.

This Year of Rooster in 2017 bears uncertainty, contradiction and dispute. New beginning or commencement will be tough. Unconventional methods or approach may be required to attain positive result. Adaptability and patient is critical values to adopt in 2017.

2017 will be a hot and dry year, yet torrent with floods. The I-Ching Gua predicts disaster caused by profuse water, ferocious fire and threats from earthquake. Hong Kong will encounter both fire and water destruction. Many parts of Europe will encounter water threats. There will be many natural disaster in the Middle East, Central China, West part of USA, Pakistan, Nepal, Indonesia, Malaysia and the Indian Ocean.

The tabulation of the Pillars of the Year shows negative outcome with clash formations. This denotes negative progress for the year. The world economy and politics will suffer setbacks, disagreement and dispute. Economy is unstable for countries such as Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam, Australia, South America and even Africa. Europe, Spain and Portugal is likely to encounter a new cycle of economic crisis. Estrangement in the US and UK will continue into the Year of Rooster.

Many new disease will be originated from Northern Europe. There are many and severe respiratory ailment in the Southeast Asia.

Social unrest will continue to occur in Middle East, Tibet in China and Nepal.

2017 is not all gloomy, there are some positive outlook too. Taiwan, Japan and Canada will be able to see progress in their economy. There is a surge in the tourism for Canada, which will aid their economy. Some other popular destination in 2017 will include Southeast Asia and Northern Europe. Russia will also show sign of of betterment in their finances.

There will be many new invention and solutions from China, Japan, Korea and even USA. New material will be discovered.

Industries classified as the Water element will perform best in 2017, followed by the Metal and the Wood element. Businesses in the Fire or Earth elements will be confronted with challenges.

The travel, logistic, internet, online sale of product and service orientated businesses will do well in 2017. Data securities will have increasing demand. Precious metal will be highly sought after.

In food & beverage sector, the low ends and the high end will survive well. The textile industry finally see progress and grow after many years of low tide. There will be more creative fashion design. Financial industry will continue to prosper. However, the need to reduce operation cost will continue.

The medical industry will face many differences. More lawsuits will surface due to medical conflict.

Property prices will continue to grow but slow down in transaction. Oil and gas prices will maintain low. The stock market will continue to be volatile. Adversity violent swing is commonly observed.

The Year of Rooster will challenge your stamina and endurance.

A challenge only becomes an obstacle when you bow to it.” ―Ray A. Davis