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Overview of 2018

The Year of Dog in 2018 is known as Wu Xu (戊戌). Wu is Yang Earth and Xu is Yang earth too. This year is the 14th year of the lower 8 Cycle of the earth, which begins from 1984 to 2043. This Year of Earth Dog 2018 is represented by the Gua trigram known as Ze Lei Sui (泽雷随卦) in I-Jing, which literally means “Lake Thunder”.

The Gua trigram for the Year of the Dog – Ze Lei Sui connote a year with many difficult situation or circumstances. And a period for decision making, making changes and adapting. The year also demands for total solution and not covering up or hide from reality.

The Gua also suggests many traps, limitations and constriction. The best to describe this Gua trigram is called tian luo di wang 天罗地网, like a fly being trap in the spider web. This trap is mostly self-inflated. I would describe it as 心网 (xin wang). Xin Wang refers to mental and emotions trap. The trap that is set up by oneself, due to one’s stubbornness, opinion, pride, hastiness, narrow thoughts. Image when the fly tries struggle in the web, it will get trap deeper into it. The fly will get into deeper trouble by struggling. There is clue within the trigram that suggest to survive this seems hopeless situation its not to struggle. One’s strong will signals mentor when one is near dead end. Open up your mind, drop your unworkable ideas, lower your pride, be adaptable and wait for external help – opportunity.

The 1st solar term, Li Chun, of the Year of Dog will commence on 4th February 2018, 05:28 hour. The 1st Lunar day of the year will fall on 16th February 2018, which is after the Li Chun. The Lunar calendar for the Dog year will go on till 4th Febraury 2019. Hence, the Year of Earth Dog in 2018 has two occurrences of Li Chun. This is a highly preferred year for marriage and giving birth.

This Year of Dog has strong fire element and lack of metal element. Those who are in need of the Fire element will find it most beneficial. The configuration of the Pillar of destiny for the Year of Dog is average but shows reversal and deterioration of the world economy, United State economy will have obvious slow down. Japan’s economy would decline. Canada’s and Taiwan’s economy is unstable. China’s Shandong and Shanghai will feel drained.

Countries in the Southeast Asia region, such as China, Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Singapore and more will perform well. Countries like Australia, South Africa will make progress in their economy. Creative ideas and innovation in technology will boost economy.

Real estate is still unstable. The prominent rose may have to wait till the 2nd quarter of Y2019. China’s real estate in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou will continue to prosper. New York, Boston, San Francisco, Greater Toronto will continue to have its value appreciated.

The favorable industries and trades in the Year of Dog 2018 are the fashion, textile, wood, paper, education and learning. Followed by technology, electronic, energy, fuel, solar power and food & beverage.

Trades that are related to the water element and industries like marine, pawn shop, money lender and financial sector may not perform as well. However, precious metal such as gold will be sought after. The finance industry will be slow at the initial but will pick up in the third quarter of this year.

In medical, there will be breakthroughs in genetics research. More cure and better solutions for cancer will be discovered. The year has increase of ailment related to heart and mental problem. US and Europe will have new illnesses and diseases. There is likely outbreak of diseases from these countries.

This Year of Dog will have continuous unresolved tension among countries. Unstable political situation leads to insecurity and undefined measures. In UK, Brexit is unsettling. South Korea is entangled in political matters. North Korea’s and China’s relationship maybe smoothen.

Refugee issues will worsen and unstable. The affected countries will include Spain, Portugal, France, Middle East & etc.

The world climate would be hot due to the governing Gua –Ze Lei Sui. There will also be drought and flooding. The Wu Xu year brings severe natural disaster that would claim many lives and cause heavy financial burden. China and Middle East will be extremely hot. China, especially in the Sichuan, Henan and Xin Jiang region will encounter many natural disasters. Northern countries may experience more natural disaster. Western region such as USA is prone to flooding. America will have many typhoon. Taiwan will encounter disaster created by wind and water. It’s North-eastern region will experience severe earthquakes. There are many volcano and earthquake activities in Y2018.

There are new waves of terrorist attacks in the middle east. USA may increase its concern and strengthen its anti-terrorist action. Russia is unstable and with added threat of terrorist attacks.

By understanding and accepting the rules of nature, we can be better aligned with the continuous changing Yin and Yang energy to avoid pitfall and have higher prospect of succeed.