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Overview of 2019

The Pig sign is the twelfth position in the Chinese zodiac system and it is at last place, completing a full rotation cycle of 12 years. The following year, 2020, which is the year of Rat will mark the beginning of a 12 year cycle. 2019 is also a year when energy “return” to its original state.

The Year of Pig 2019 has the Yin Earth element - 己  ji on the heavenly stem and Yin Water element - 亥 hai on the early branches. The charting of the year of Pig composes blending sign, but also opposing forces with mismatch in elements which causes the year to be a “sick year”. This presage instability, uncertainty and correction but placid.

The 1st solar term of the Year of Pig will commence on 4th February 2019. And the Lunar Year of Pig will start on 5th February 2019, which is 1 day after Li Chun. The year ends on 24th January 2020. The Lunar Year of Pig does not have any occurrence of the 1st solar term, Li Chun. Hence, the year is labeled as a blind year.

The Year of Pig 2019 is a hot and dry year. The year has many occurrence of earthquakes, drought and flooding. There will have severe typhoon and thunderstorm. Drought is likely to happen in the many parts of China, central region of Middle East and Australia. The South East region, including Hong Kong will encounter problem with water, referring to heavy rain fall, thunderstorm and flooding. Besides calamity by nature, Spain, France and Portugal may suffer man-made disaster.

The year is prone to sickness related to stomach and mental. There are many types ailment.

The world will experience major adjustments. Political situation is unsettling and difficult. There will be a shift of power which leads to new focus and direction.

The Year of Pig is a quarrelsome year for many countries. Many countries, for example India, Australia, Africa, Malaysia and Thailand maybe dangle in rounds of discord. The conflict between USA and China will involve more parties.

China will beat the odds and advance ahead of the rest of the world. Shanghai and Beijing will be outstanding in progress. New impressive business model and trade will surface. China’s real estate in the front line cities such as Shanghai, Guangdong and Shenzhen will continue to hike and make new high. It will make continuous effort to improve international relationships. China’s intervention in many African countries will contribute to stability.

Taiwan is going through internal struggles with many new political policies which eventually ruins its economy. Russia is stable. It will establish and maintain strong relationship with China. Japan will continue its cordial relationship with China and USA. South Korea will be more realistic with its politics which will smoothen its political chaos. South Korea will encounter problem in its technology and automobile sectors. Its aesthetic industry, real estate and tourism will flourish.

North Korea ease its military aggression and will place its focus on development and building friendship with other countries.

The Southeast countries, which includes Singapore, Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam will experience down turn in economy and unstable political situation. Australia and New Zealand will go through hard time. India’s economy will deteriorate further.  

The Western countries will be pry by political and economy disturbance. Many leading international corporation may be involve. USA will encounter challenges internally and also with external affairs. Its economy conflict with continue to intensify. Crime rate and social issue will worsen. However, its stock market will advance.

Europe is in a trap position. Its financial and political stand is unsettling. Middle east countries are performing better than last year. Many countries moving its focus away from oil. Northern Europe will enjoy economic stability and social peace.

Businesses involving in Fire will perform the best, followed by business related to the Water and Metal elements. The worse performing trades are related to the Earth and Wood elements.

Some of the favorable Businesses or trades are:
Energy, Electronic, Event Business, Safety & Security, Education, New building materials, Wine & Liquor, travel, Import & Export, Banking & Financial.

Some of the unfavorable Businesses or trades are:
Fashion, Farming, Real estate, Construction, Food, Pharmaceutical, Forestry, Chinese herb & medicine. 

Oil, gas prices would be very volatile. Precious metals will continue to be valued highly.

The stock market will continue to be volatile with unpredictable fluctuation. The 4th, 5th and 10th month may see more of these capricious movements. Crytocurrency will continue to cause confusion. Banks will continue to improve their digital banking.

Electric car and low emissions types are gaining popular. Fast growing electronic will perform well despite of the increase in competition. Robotics will interface with businesses.

Clothing industry will not do well this year. In Food & Beverage industry, there will be many new business model and type of food.

Travel demands will increase. The popular destination would be Japan, South Korea, China and Europe.