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Overview of 2020

The Rat sign is the first position in the Chinese zodiac rotation system. Hence, 2020 will be a new astral cycle. For this reason, the year is considered a new beginning and a period of renewal.

The Year Rat in 2020 is known as the Year of Geng庚 Zi 子which is formed with the heavenly stem of Yang Metal – 庚 and Yang Water, earth branch, – 子. The 1st solar term of the Year of Rat falls on 4th February 2020, whereas the Lunar calendar will commence the new year on 25th January 2020 and ends on 11th February 2021. This would means that the Year of Rat 2020 consist of two Li Chun 立春 or two occurrence of 1st solar term.

This year’s composition indicates that the world will begin the year with turbulence and mistrust. Fortunately, it will ultimately gets under control and reconcile to form new ties and directions. The world would go through adjustments to form new world order. Countries that retrogress will improve and compose new development.

The Weather

The world’s climate is becoming erratic and less predictable. There are many drought and flooding in the Year of Rat.

USA and UK will be very hot, causing wild fire in the Western region. India will also suffer from extreme heat, drought and overcrowding. There are also heat waves and fire in the Northern Europe. Flooding is severe in the South Eastern China and Florida. There are more windstorm in Canada, Russia and the USA.

Japan will encounter many natural disasters such as earthquake and volcanoes eruption. Fortunately, the damage is minimum. Middle East, many parts of China, such as Szechuan, Henan and Southeast Asia region will suffer from water issues.

World Health

The most prevailing ailment this year is related to lungs, along with air-transmitted viruses. Mental health issues are more severe and is on the surge.

There are many contagious disease in the Southern countries, such as South America, Africa and Australia. Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand and Malaysia will not be spared too.

In medicine, especially in research, many issues will be resolved. This is a much smoother year in medical research.

The misuse of drugs, such as weed, widens and significantly increase. Law enforcement will be actively engaged in finding a balance scale to take control.

The Politics

The Year of Rat has 2 sides to a coin, one side implies harmony and on the other side signifies a warring period. South East Asia suffers from political strife. Hong Kong will continue its political chaos with massive emigration issue. Taiwan will encounter setbacks in political and economical aspect.

China’s internal corruptions are well under control. This year, China is strong in negotiation. China and Japan relationship will have positive progress. China will be of great help to Africa. Russia will continue its close ties with China.

There are persistence dispute in Russia. However, it’s policies is stable. Canada, too, will be engross in unsolvable discord, hindering its economy development.

The policies in the USA is unsettling and varying. And coupling with worsening internal conflict. The USA will face a fierce election year, not necessary a disadvantage to Trump.

Middle East countries will continue to be in battles. Iran is likely to quit the nuclear treaty. Saudi Arabia may be more lenient and just to the women’s right.

The Economy

The year 2020 sees a decline in the world’s economy. There is increase in unemployment rate. The world’s economy would be going through massive adjustments. New form of economy will surface.

The stock market will continue to be volatile. Interest rate will be low. Bank shares will continue to appreciate.

China will suffer weakness in its economy before it rebounce and eventually advance. China will still be leading. China’s European and African development will accomplish good harvest. With the help from friendly and cooperative ties, Russia’s economy will advance.

Southeast Asia will perform better than last year. However, there are still many uncertainty present, especially here in Singapore, Indonesia, Philippines and Vietnam.

South Korea will flourish. Its entertainment sector would bloom internationally. Its aesthetics, aesthetics products, technology devices & tools and communications industry will make stunning performance.

North Korea will open up to the rest of the world. It will make effort to establish cordial relationship, even with South Korea.

India’s economy will continue to suffer setback. But there might be some positive develop towards the end of the year. Australia will perform well politically and economically. Africa’s economy will revive. Dubai will enjoy economic success.

In Europe, politics and economy is unstable. Many European countries economy will wane.

On a positive note, there are new discoveries in France, Spain and Portugal. There are new areas for learning in South West China. Countries in Northern Europe such as Denmark, Ireland, Sweden, Finland will enjoy stability in their economy.

A rundown, inspire of the challenges the USA is confronted with, it will regain, still remain strong and leading.

Oil and gas prices would continue to be unstable. However, prices will climb in 2020. Use of alternative energy, such as electronic cars will make progress in leaps.

Gold and precious metal prices will sow. Bitcoin will have severe fluctuation in prices.

Trades & Businesses

In real estate, the growth of property is dependent on the location. Properties in Southeast Asia is unstable, especially in Hong Kong.

There will be many dispute in the electronic and technology sector. The electronic industry will be highly competitive. There will be many new development on electronic products, especially in home and lifestyle field. Traditional companies will find difficulties to sustain.

The food industry will have intense competition. There will be overwhelming choices of new style and trend for consumers.

Automobile sales will slow down.

Travel industry is not performing as well this year. This is cause by aggressive competition. There are also many traveling safety concerns in 2020.

The textile, fashion, clothing industry will make improvement. There are many discovery of new materials and breakthrough in fashion style.

Some of the favorable business and trades are:
Education, Electronics, Performing Arts. Energy, Fashion, Farming, TCM, Construction, Food, Pharmaceutical and Real Estate.

Some of the unfavorable Businesses and Trades are:
Automobile, Building Material, Mining, Safety & Securities, Financial, Liquor, Fishing, Travel, Logistic and Import & Export.