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Overview of 2021

The Ox sign is the second in line after the Rat in the cyclical rotating zodiac system. The Ox in 2021 will carry on the metal energy from the Rat for another year. The Year of Ox in 2021 is known as 辛丑- Xin Chou. The Yin Metal, Xin - 辛 is the heavenly stem of the year pillar and Yin Earth -丑 Chou is the earthly branch of the pillar. The trigram for Year of Ox in 2021 is known as 山火贲 Mountain-Flame Brightness. The trigram signal for a major reconstruction or correction with new ideas. The deceiving appearance of situation or matters may project an attractive or promising frontal, but the actual may oppose.

The 1st solar term, known as Li Chun, in the Year of Ox occurs on 3rd February 2021, whereas the 1st day of the Lunar calendar falls on 12th February and ends on 31st January 2022. Hence, the Lunar Year of Ox does not have any occurrence of Li Chun, which denotes as a blind year. 

The Weather
The extreme climate condition is felt in every corner of the world in 2020. In 2021, the climate will continue to confront our threshold. The increase surface temperature may worsen. The climate change is making outbreak of diseases more frequent and more dangerous.

There will be more droughts, increase intensity of storms, earthquakes and volcano activities and heighten wildfire. Sichuan in China, the Middle East and Central Pacific Ocean will encounter disaster caused by fire and severe earth movement. Indonesia, Australia, New Zealand, Indonesia, South Pacific and countries and states towards the Southwest will suffer from earthquakes. Many countries will encounter landslides. Midwestern US will continue to suffer from natural disaster.

Countries in Southeast Asia, Africa, Australia and South America will experience disruption caused to water, such as flooding. East Asia, such as Japan, Taiwan, Korea will encounter typhoon, earthquake and flooding. Countries in South Asia, like India will suffer from drought and flooding.

Countries like Norway, Finland, Sweden and Denmark will encounter wind and thunder storms.
The climate in Northern Europe is bizarrely hot. 

World Health
The most prevailing ailment this year is still the lung and chest, similar to last year. There will be new source and new strains of contagious diseases likely from the Southeast region and the Northern region. There will be outbreak of infectious diseases causing massive wipe out of livestock.

The lingering issues on misuse of drugs will persist.

Global politics risk will continue to persist in 2021. Trade tension, climate change, Covid 19 Pandemic and along with many other factors menace the performance of companies, markets and economy which impacted political decisions. War fears ignite across the world.

The USA will implement many new policies. Changes to foreign policies will leverage relationships with other countries. The new approach will be beneficial to its economy.

China is actively reflecting and building better reputation. It is also cultivating and improving ties with many countries. However, countries like USA, UK, Australia, Canada and New Zealand may not budge. At the same time, China will continue to advance its military strength in preparation for warfare ready.

Japan's advancement in new innovation will be outstanding. It will heightened its interest in military defense, ensuing dispute with other countries, like South Korea. North and South Korea relationship is still unsettling but will improve. South Korea will make effort to strengthen relationship with other countries.

Unsettling political situation is expected in India, Australia and South America.

Military hostility will persist in the Middle East. New waves of refugees is expected in many parts of Middle East.

Western Europe's political situation and economy will improve and make progress. Restructuring is indispensable for Eastern Europe.

Russia will recuperate from the badly hit situation by the pandemic. With its continuous supporting policies, its economy will thrive.

World Economy
The global economy will continue to make adjustment pathing to recovery, although not all countries are bouncing back at the same speed. New forms of economy will be more apparent. Bank interest rate will continue to remain low.

China’s new strategy will bring significant growth to its economy. More political influence will be established in the undeveloped countries aiding the growth of its economy. China will also attain many technology breakthrough.

Uncertainty will continue to harass South East Asia. Japan’s political conflict may escalate. But its technology innovation will be helpful to boost its economy. South Korea will obtain positive growth. South Korea will also improved relationship with North Korea. India’s unstable weather and increase crime rate will seriously dampen its economy.

The USA economy will not only make a speedy recovery, it will foster rapid growth. Its stock market will prosper.

Countries in the South, like Australia, New Zealand, South Africa will experience hardship but they will make progress and recover.

Russia’s economy will progress subtly.

The UK, despite of the uncertainty in its policies, it will recoup and strive with growth. Without UK, Europe will find new diplomatic ties and forge new development in its economy. The Northern Europe will still experience instability in its economy. 

Trade & Businesses
The stock market will rebounce, but fluctuates as it always does. The volatility is lesser than last year. The year is shaping up to be a strong year for the Banks. Gold, precious metal and bitcoins are inching up with extreme swing. Oil and gas prices remain unstable. The pent up demand on electric cars will continue to rise, boosting sales for electric cars.

Innovative strategic and new directions is needed for businesses to progress forward. There will be more mergers. Conventional jobs will be lose.

High Tech industries will continue to accelerate, introducing more concepts and advancement. Due to the extensive disputation of property rights, trademarks and securities policies, more new laws and regulations is likely to to be executed.

Pharmaceutical industry will grow strongly. Good returns can be assume from companies that develop drugs treating and preventing disease and vaccine for immunization.

The global Food & Beverage industry is showing growth and will continue to progress. Fresh appearance, natural ingredient or healthy concept marketing strategic will bloom.

The fashion industry will face challenges and is likely to take another year to recuperate. Innovation, new technology and customer trend will transform the industry.

In real estate, some states and areas will perform extremely well. The performance is unbalanced. Businesses in moving, like travel and logistic will perform better than expected.

Trades and industry that is related to Earth, Metal and Water element will perform better than trades that is classified as Wood and Fire elements.

Some favorable businesses and trades are:
Real Estate, Construction, Pharmaceutical, Food & Beverage, Vehicles, Airplane, Building Material, Mining, Safety & Securities, Financial, Fishery & Aquaculture, Logistic, Import and Export, and Alcohol & Spirits.

Some unfavorable businesses and trades are:
Education, Electronics, Energy, Show Business, Textile, Shoes, Farming, Chinese Medicine & Herbs and Forestry.