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Overview of 2022

The Tiger sign is the third position in the 12 cyclical rotating zodiac system. The Year of Tiger in 2022 is known as the Water Tiger due to its heavenly stem Ren壬 which is presented by Yang Water and Yin寅, Yang Wood. Ren Yin壬寅 is formed by the 13th I-Ching trigram which comprises the Qian Gua 乾上卦 and Li Gua 离下卦 named the Tian Huo Tong Ren 天火同人.

This gua - Tian Huo Tong Ren 天火同人 is interpreted as success is derive from the unity of the rulers and its people having the same motivation. Hard work, adaptability and new concepts are key characteristics to success. At the same time, rulers will find alliances with same vision to expand their influence to gain success. The Gua has an underlying meaning which indicates the failure to be united or have a common goal may spell danger in 2022. The Gua further indicates difficulties in the first and third quarter of the year and better period in the second quarter and progression in the last quarter of the year. 

The Lunar New Year falls on the 1st of February 2022, while Li Chun 立春, the first solar term transits in the mid night of 3rd of February 2022. This indicates that the Lunar year consists of an occurrence of the solar term which connotes an auspicious year for 2022.

The Weather

The climate in 2022 is a lot milder compared to last year. Winter is likely to be warmer and drier. However, there are more natural and man-made disasters. Earthquakes and drought will occur in regions in South Pacific, China’s Szechuan, Henan and Middle East. Windstorms will cause damage in the South-East coastal regions and tornadoes are frequent in the midwest region of USA. South East Asia will suffer destruction due to flooding. Countries in the South may suffer danger from heat and fire. India will be badly affected by heat waves and fire. Northern regions may encounter disruption due to flooding. Volcanic activities may be frequent in the South Pacific. Forest fires and heat waves are a threat to the North-west USA, Canada and Australia. 

World Health

The pandemic may be fading away in the Year of Tiger 2022, the challenging time is not over yet. The underlying complication will stick on. There is significant increase in chronic diseases. Mental health and digestive system ailments, including bowel are on the rise. New source of many diseases is likely to surface from the Southwest region of the world.

There will be new breakthroughs and innovation in drugs. Medical research and studies is pivoted in political issues.


2022 is the beginning of a new global geopolitical order. Uncertainty and disruption will eat into the comfort zone of many countries and companies. While this transition takes time, the need to adjust to new realities is emerging. Deglobalization is gaining traction. 

China’s soft power approach in dealing with foreign affairs will garner respect from many countries. China will improve its international relationship. The USA and China will increase competition, be it economy, military or ideology. Resentment from many western world will continue to increase. China’s domestic politics will continue to be stable. In Taiwan, conflicts among various political parties will go on. It’s will for self defense will persist. Hong Kong politics will be calmer.

Russia will grow strong enough to counter the tension against the West. Its strong economy is the stabilizer of its political stand.

Political instability is expected in South East Asia. India, Myanmar will suffer political unrest. Japan’s leadership issue will face another or more challenge in 2022. It is cautious but persistent to expand its military force. While the economy for South Korea will see improvement, it will suffer setbacks from political instability and natural disaster. North Korea’s economy will thrive. It will continue to make efforts to strengthen its external affairs.

2022 is a year filled with uncertainty for the USA and UK, both politically and economically. The USA will continue to intrude in other countries’ domestic affairs.

Countries such as South America, Africa, and Australia will encounter challenges in leadership and policies. Turmoil is expected in most of these countries.

Receding is forecast in Western Europe Countries. Streams of political conflict are ongoing despite the effort to explore new resolutions. Northern Europe is stable and will progress. Traveling will increase significantly.

World Economics

World economies will continue to be unsettling. Unevenness of the economic recovery is expected. Many businesses will have to start from afresh. There are new minted billionaires. Global supply chain issues remain an issue that is disrupting trades. Persisting inflation will be a concern. But stagflation is not likely to happen in 2022.

China's economic growth will not be as rapid as previously but will continue to prosper. Its stunning technology and innovation progression is pathing way to a global leading role.

The economy in South East Asia will make substantial progress despite headwinds, significantly in technology & innovation and education sectors and towards the later half of the year. Japan’s economy is on a decline but may not be as bad as in 2021. Unsteady politics may worsen it’s economy. South Korea will perform well economically. It’s technology and innovation advancement will be a booster to its economic expansion.

India’s delayed recovery in its economy may be further hindered by natural disasters.

For Russia, following a strong economic rebound in 2021, it is forecast to see further and significant growth in 2022.

The USA economy may succumb. The rising enormous national debt may dampen its economic opportunities. There may be unexpected or over reaction from policy makers that could trigger wars, which may bring down its economy. New York has outstanding potential for growth.

South Europe will continue to struggle in 2022 despite signs of rebound in late 2021. There are still many concerns that would threaten recovery. North European countries’ reassessing policy will aid their economic recovery. The strong collaboration among the countries will further promote the growth of the economy.

Countries in the North East have significant potential in growth. 

Trades & Businesses

Oil and gas prices will trend down. Gold prices will inflate. Metal is on high demand. Global food prices will rise.

The year ahead holds significant potential for the High-Tech industry. Cybercrime will soar. Online commence will be the dominating trend. Traditional businesses need to modify and leverage on the new consumer spending habit.

Car sales will grow. Manufacturers of automobiles will focus on Electric cars. Fashion industry will recuperate. Sport apparel has the most outstanding growth. Travel demand will surge, aiding the recovery of the travel industry. However, the travel industry will not be back to normal as yet.

Volatility in the stock market seems to be a new norm. Bank stocks are considered stable. Digital or virtual currency will further gain its popularity rapidly. Risk factor will increase substantially.

Real estate will continue to appreciate but not all types and markets. Real estate prices in South East Asia will slow down.

Trades and industries that are related to Metal, Water and Wood elements will perform better compared to the Fire and Earth element industries.

Some favorable trades and business are: Airplane, mining, finance, safety & securities, building materials, logistics, import & export, fishing, forestry, TCM, Clothing, Farming. Followed by alcohol and travel.

Some unfavorable trades and business are: Entertainment, electronic, energy, Real estate, construction, food, Pharmaceutical