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Overview of 2023

As the Lunar Year of Tiger comes to an end on 21 January, the Lunar Year of Rabbit begins. The Lunar Year of Rabbit will commence before the occurrence of the first solar term, Li Chun. The year see the transition of two Li Chun before it bids farewell on the 9th February 2024. The first Li Chun falls on 4th February 2023 and the other one occurs on 4 February 2024. Thus, the Year of Rabbit in 2023 is denote as a double spring year, consisting of a Leap Lunar 2nd month. We can expect abrupt change in development and an improved version of the world's unrest situation. However, the world is still unsettling.

The Rabbit sign is in the 4th position of the 12 cyclical rotating zodiac system. The Year of Rabbit in 2023 is known as the Water Rabbit with the heavenly stem Gui 癸, which is referred to as Yin water and Mao 卯 as its earthly branch which belongs to yin wood. The I-Ching trigram or gua for the year is known as Jia Ren Gua 家人卦, translated as the Family Gua. This trigram is formed by Xun or Wind as the Upper Trigram and Fire, Li, as the Lower Trigram. When combined, this configuration indicates the importance of family in society. This can be understood with an old Chinese saying: 齐家,治国,平天下 which can be explained as first govern the family well, then implement the rule of benevolence and virtue, govern the country well, and then appease and govern the people of the world, and finally seek peace in the world. This year also signifies a good year to get married or have a baby. On another level, the trigram focuses on matriarch - Female energy and virtue.

The Weather

2023 will see the rise in global temperature. Adverse weather events will grow in numbers, challenging the threshold of the earth and claim many lives. There will be more floods and heatwaves. Volcanic and fire threats will escalate in severity and frequency. Many countries will suffer from natural disasters.

Countries in South East Asia will encounter severe flooding and thunder. Countries or areas such as Japan, South Korea, Indonesia, Philippines, Kenya, Chong Qing in China, Turkey and the West Coast of the US are threatened by earthquakes. Some of these countries will face volcano hazards as well.

Many countries and areas will have to tackle devastating forest fires, such as Australia, British Columbia, Western US, Indonesia, Russia, Eastern Europe, the Northern countries and Western part of China such as Chong Qing.

Countries in the Middle East, Central Pacific Ocean, Midwest of the USA and many parts of China, including Sichuan will suffer damage caused by wind.

Countries in the Indian Ocean and South Western Australia will have to fight with destruction caused by water.

World Health

While the pandemic further winds down in 2023, issues on respiratory infection will continue to draw preeminent attention. Some countries or areas that are prone or see new respiratory viruses and infection are South Korea, China, Taiwan, Alaska, West coast of US, Canada and Northern Japan.

Mental health, including psychiatric disorders and social behavior, and the digestive system remain as serious concerns. Health problems caused by climate change, such as allergy, respiratory and more, cannot be underestimated.

Countries in the Pacific Ocean, Indian Ocean, China, Taiwan, West Coast of the US are prone to stomach and digestive ailment. Cardiovascular disease and diabetes are on the rise. Severe illness in the pancreas and liver is getting more common.


The Year of Rabbit will begin with the continuation of last year's unresolved conflict, energy security, mismatch between available supply and growing demand. Labour market and likely recession. The world will also see more great power conflict.

Russia and Ukraine's conflict will not be ending soon and will continue to impact the world. Russia will continue to be hooked onto international conflict. There will be new policies. Its relationship with China and India will continue to strengthen.

China has no fear of external power and yet keeps a low profile. The country will have vast improvement and innovation in 2023. Its political position will be stronger and steadier. However, its civil disorder will last for a while. Hong Kong will continue to have disputes in its policies. Social disobedience is expected. The unceasing tension between Taiwan and China will continue to give the USA the opportunity to supply its weaponry to Taiwan.

The USA will be fraught with political conflicts and lawsuits, both internationally and internally. It will experience a period of instability and social disorder. Issues include securities and crime rate will hike. The US will invest more effort in its self defense and seek closer partnership in Asia pacific.

Japan will make much effort and implement new policies to aid its political position and economy. Meager improvement can be observed. Despite its challenging ground, Japan will continue to develop its military capability. The highly nervous South Korea will face difficult economic and geopolitical terrain. North Korea's ruling is stable and will continue its weapons testing, freezing inter-Korean relationships.

Democracy in the Southeast region will worsen. Political risk will resurface. Tricky foreign relationship and internal disputes will be obviously exhibited.

The UK 's unstable political situation is far from sedate. It will face greater challenges. Europe politics and securities are unsettling. In Western Europe, more conflict will arise but more diplomatic relationships and policies will be establish. Northern European countries will face trouble with their economy and social stability. Naming some, Spain, Portugal and France will receive substantial external help.

Political situation in the Middle East is more stable.

World Economics

The world economy will be shadowed by uncertainty and instability in 2023. It could be a tougher year. Many countries will continue to deploy trade and regulatory tools, extending access and control over supplies. Situation will start to improve towards the third quarter of the year. Inflation will slow down significantly as the year progresses. Bank interest rates will remain high. Labour shortage will remain as an issue despite of high unemployment rate. Cryptocurrencies will continue to be unpredictable and dangerous. Fraud arising from cryptocurrencies will hike. There will be more alternative payment systems.

China's economy faces multiple headwinds. Changes in policies will aid economy blow up and boost world economy. Still, China will step up on its "fortress economy". Its technology development will surge with success. It will also continue pouring enormous investment into the emerging nation. Hong Kong will see improvement.

Southeast Asia will face weaker growth, rising inflation, liability commitment and political instability. Unstable government may spur recession. The under performing economy in Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam and Singapore will see marginal growth.

Japan will head for better days but may experience a mild recession at the beginning of the year. Inflation will fall as the year progresses. South Korea will slip into recession in the early part of the year but will gain a sluggish pace of recovery in the later part of the year. Natural disasters may dampen its progress.

India's economy may feel like a recession due to the hovering of inflation. But, with its high resilience and growing momentum, India will outpace many countries.

Russia's economy will shrink, but a more gradual contraction compared to 2022.

The USA, UK economy will decelerate. The USA economy will sputter and continue to slow down for the year. The UK is likely to fall into a deeper recession than others, making it the weakest performer among the big economies. Gloomy economy in Europe may spark recession but it will be short-lived. Some, such as Amsterdam, may be spared. Canada will face a mild recession in most part of the year.

The Middle East will experience hardship but will attain growth.

Trade & Businesses

Oil prices will remain high. Lack of natural energy sources in many countries will drive the prices up. 2023 may be a bull market.

Stock market will face more obstacles in the first half of the Year of Rabbit. Although the stock market will continue to be volatile, it will move towards uptrend in the later part of the year. Bank stock will continue to perform well.

The real estate market will continue to be unstable. Hence, a passive momentum is expected. In China, Beijing, Shanghai and Guangdong real estate activities will rise. In The USA, the South and North region will do well. The Southeast Asia property market, in many countries, lack luster.

In 2023, the Hi-tech industry will bring many excellent advanced innovations. Merger and acquisition will be strengthened. Cybercrime will surge.

Chinese traditional Medicine, Naturopathic and homeopathic medicine will gain more popularity.

The Automobile industry sales are unstable. The disrupted supply chain will continue to be an issue. Electric cars will gain more popularity.

Global tourism will increase. Hence, bringing exceptional growth to the travel industry.

The Textile industry will become more stable. The education industry will have outstanding performance.

Trades and Business that are related to the Wood, Water and Fire elements will do better compared to Earth and Metal sectors.

Some favorable trades and businesses are: Education, Electronics, Energy, IT Services, Performing arts, Banking, Finance, Beverage, Fishing, Logistic, Travel , Import & Export, Farming, Forestry, Fashion, Herbal, Telecommunication, Business Services.

Some unfavorable trades and businesses are: automobile, building material, mining, safety & security, real estate, construction, food, insurance, pharmaceutical.